Nurse Fantasy

Dear Old Phart:

I am writing a book about people’s fantasies. I know a lot of people confide in you. I was wondering if you could submit a favorite fantasy that someone has told you or perhaps one of your own? If the fantasy you submitted is selected,  I will give you a credit in the book.

Best Seller?

Dear Best Seller?:

Ok, the following is a fantasy I was told in confidence so I will leave out names.

A man is lying in his death bed.  Tomorrow is his birthday. His wife enters the bedroom and sits on the bed next to him. She says to her husband ,”Dear, I know tomorrow is your birthday. As a present, I would like to make your fantasy come true. Tell me what you want.  I will do anything you ask.”

The husband’s glassy eyes show a flicker of life. A crooked smile creeps across his face. His raspy voice croaks out, “I want you to dress up like a nurse. Then …”

Then he starts to cough and gag as the thought of what he wants his wife to do overwhelms his ailing body. His wife takes his hand in hers and soothes it. “That’s ok dear,” she says, ” Just relax. You can tell me tomorrow.” The wife walks out of the bedroom, tears streaming down her face.

The next day, the wife enters the bedroom. She is dressed in a sexy nurse outfit. Short, white, form fitting dress; thigh high stockings; even an old-fashion nurse’s hat bobbie-pinned to her hair. She is carrying a bowl of warm water with a sponge in it.

She sits down next to her dying husband and wipes his fervid brow. She then slowly and gently removes his pajamas and proceeds to give his entire body a sponge bath.

When she is done she lies next to him, propped up on one elbow. She says, “honey, what was it you wanted to tell me yesterday? What is the rest of your fantasy?” She sees his lips move but can’t hear him. She leans closer to him and repeats, “Dear, what is your fantasy? What do you want me to do? ”

She leans her head close to his lips so she can hear his response.

The husband, with great effort, whispers to his wife, “Nurse, make believe. Tell me I have health insurance.”

Old Phart